LSS Learning Assistance

Learning Support Service(LSS) Learning Assistance is a service that support students in the regular classroom. Students learn in a variety of ways and at different rates, and some students require more teacher assistance than others. Referrals are made by the classroom teacher, with caseloads being determined by the School Based Team for long and/or short term assistance.


Our school counsellor works with students, staff and parents to address preventative, developmental and crisis issues. Our counsellor works with students as individuals, in small groups or with classrooms, and is also available to parents.


Please check with your child’s teacher to find out when his or her library day and time is. We stress taking good care of our library books and charge the price of the book if it is lost or damaged.


Every morning and afternoon, attendance is taken in the classroom by teachers. If a student is late they need to receive a late slip from the office secretary prior to entering the classroom. Your co-operation in reporting any student's absence would be appreciated.
In fairness to all, please do not send your children to school if there are definite signs of ill health in the morning. For students who become ill during the day, First Aid is administered by the school nurse and parents are asked to pick their ward. For this reason, it is important that parents keep work and emergency contact phone numbers updated.
The school is a closed campus. Only students, staff and approved visitors are allowed to be on the school grounds during instructional time. All the visitors/parents will be asked to wear a name tag.
There is very limited space for visitors parking. Parents are therefore asked to park on the street and walk their children to the school.

Our parking is a busy and congested area before and after school. The ‘School Traffic Rules’ have been developed to ensure the safety of all people entering and leaving the school property.

Kindly co-operate with the traffic organizers, and do not argue with them. We ask our school community to use good judgement, take responsibility and show respect for themselves and others.


Home Study

At St.Patrick's Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School we feel that having students engaged in an evening home study activity is a worthwhile and necessary function of elementary education as it gives students an opportunity to practice and internalize their daily learning. We believe it also serves to instill in students good study habits and prepares them for education beyond our elementary schools.

Classroom Expectations

The teachers in our school community believe that every student wishes to be a successful learner. In order to bring about this success, each teacher develops an appropriate learning climate according to the age of the student and teaching practices. The teacher’s expectations and procedures will be explained to the students in the few days of class and sent home in a newsletter for parents to review with their child. Students are then required to follow the rules set out in their class.

How Can Parents Help?

Learning is not confined to the classroom. Parents are vital partners in the educational process. Some ways in which parents might help are:
Take an interest in what your child has learnt and ask what was the best part of his/her day.
Help set aside a particular time and place for your child to study.
Listen to your child read.
Read aloud to your child and ask your child questions about the story to help with comprehension.
Limit TV watching and spending time in social media; promote physical activity.
Be supportive by offering lots of praise and encouragement.