Description - The welcome assembly was conducted by the staff of Classes I to X to welcome children to school for the new academic year 2022 - 2023. The teachers enacted a skit showcasing a seed developing into a fully grown plant by accepting change through the factors that help it grow and removing negativity. The life of the seed was compared to the life of children. The day became more enlightening with the song sung by the teachers. A prayer was also told to mark the beginning of the new school year. The assembly came to an end with Brother addressing the children.


Description - On the 29th of July, 2022 a seminar was conducted by Gomatheswari, an ex -student of our school currently studying in the Patrician College. This seminar was conducted for the students of classes 4 and 5. The topics that were dealt with during the seminar are as follows:
Good manners
Good touch and bad touch
Safety in Society
Importance of Education.

The seminar started with an introduction. The students were motivated to come forward and share their views on the topics that were put forward to them. The students realized that everyone had their own ideas on the questions asked. The speaker shared her views to children and they were asked to take note of it. The Students understood how important it is to stay safe. The session was wrapped up with an activity that made it even more interesting.


Description - The orientation for the primary parents was conducted on July 2nd 2022. The program started with a prayer song and there after our Principal Rev. Bro. John Kennedy, and Mrs. Joyce elaborated on a new methodology of education - STEAM, which would be implemented soon in our institution. The teachers of the Primary section briefed on the various rules and regulations that has to be followed by both parents and students. We also had a resource person, Mr. Anthony Amarnath , Counselor cum Psychotherapist, who conducted a seminar on good parenting.
Thus, the orientation ended in an informative way that paved way for the betterment of the students.


An academic fair was conducted on 27th July, 2022.
The teacher wanted children to speak confidently in Hindi - a new language. This fair was conducted for that purpose of boosting their confidence. Children had their own choice of concept to speak on from all that they learnt in their Hindi Class. The fair went well with Rev. Bro. John Kennedy, our Principal as the Chief Guest. The class teacher and the coordinator also rendered their help to make the fair a grand success.