The St.Patrick’s Alumni Association grew out of the remarkable efforts around the school’s 150th anniversary. Those events whetted the appetite for keeping in touch and, with the funds they raised, provided an ongoing legacy to the school and its students, through scholarships and specific projects.

The Association helps alumni keep their connection to St.Patrick’s by:

Supporting class reunions

Sponsoring social functions and celebrations that promote St.Patrick’s

Maintaining a website for alumni.

The Association also helps St.Patrick’s and its students directly by:

Funding scholarships

Raising funds to support on-going school activities in the areas of sports, vocational education, and performing and visual arts.

The Association also supports and works with the Archives volunteers that have assembled a truly remarkable collection of records chronicling many aspects of the school since its earliest days.

Executive Committee

Rammohan Kumaraswamy (1983) – President

Mr. Sumedh Reddy (1999) – Vice President

Capt. Shibu Isaac (1982) – Secretary

Mr. Anand Alagirisami (1983) – Treasurer

Mr. Ragunandhan – Joint Secretary

Mr. Ranjit Balan (1968) – Joint secretary

Mr. K.N.Murthy (1983) – Committee Member

Mr. Uma Magesh (1982) – Committee Member

Mr. Senthilkumar Jeyapaul (1989) – Committee Member

Mr. Bharath Kumar (1997) – Committee Member

Mr. Koushik S (1995) – Committee Member

Mr. Hemanth R (2002) – Committee Member